TrustCare | Kids’ Physicals

Kids’ Physicals

For school and sports 18 and under

Most camps, schools and sports programs require a sports physical. A sports physical allows a clinician to identify any conditions that might keep your athlete out of the game or affect their performance.

No appointment needed at any of our urgent care locations; you may also visit our TrustCare Kids Clinic.

Why choose TrustCare?

  • It’s convenient and affordable ($20)
  • No appointment needed
  • You will be in and out in less than an hour
  • We have multiple locations with convenient hours
  • Comfortable patient rooms

What to Bring?

  • A copy of the entire pre-participation physical form for your child’s school or sports program
  • A list of your child’s medications, prescription eyeglasses or contacts if they wear them

What to Expect?

  • Be prepared to discuss your child’s past injuries and/or current treatments, conditions, allergies or medications with the provider If your child has a serious chronic injury or illness, we recommend your child see their pediatrician or family physician to perform their exam

Let Us Help You Feel Better Faster™

Our goal is to provide quality care, get you in and out within 1 hour, and help you Feel Better Faster™.